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Indoor Gun Range

Range Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 7:30pm

Sunday: 10am - 5:30pm

Last shooter to access the range is 6:30pm Monday - Saturday and 4:30pm Sunday. Exceptions to this can only be granted by the manager on duty.

All shooters are guaranteed at least one hour of range time. 

Indoor Gun Range

Targetmaster’s firearm range consists of 15, 25-yard, electronically controlled lanes, including a wheel chair accessible lane.  The Range, which is climate controlled and has a modern air filtration system, is staffed by a full time Range Officer. 

We welcome all shooters from novice to expert; civilian or military/law enforcement; individuals, families, or groups; members or non-members (must have a valid driver's license or concealed carry permit).

We carry a wide variety of targets including targets used for qualifying by various law enforcement agencies.  We also offer a large selection of ear and eye protection for sale/rent.


Indoor Firearm Range

You may shoot your own firearm or choose one from our extensive collection of over 100 rental firearms.  These include Semi-auto pistols, double & single action revolvers, various rifles and shotguns, and FULLY AUTOMATIC MACHINE GUNS!!  This is a great way to try before you buy, or just simply try a gun that you do not have in your collection.

Don’t have your equipment, or are a new shooter?  Don’t worry, we have everything you will need to get shooting in no time!

Gun Range lanes 6 thrrough 15

Range Gun Rental Policy

To help ensure the safety of the staff and other patrons, the following policy is effective immediately:



  • If customer is in the possession of their own firearm that they will be shooting at the time of the rental
  • If customer is a member and it is not their first time on the range

Range Ammo Policy

Targetmaster offers a great supply of range ammo, across the board, and we pride ourselves on always having it in stock.  As a result of extremely large volume, our ammo prices are discounted.  We do allow patrons to bring their own ammo to use in the range, but ammunition must be purchased from Targetmaster for use in our rental guns.

Ammo Allowed

Handguns: all calibers are welcome

Shotgun: ONLY Buckshot or Slugs

Rifles: up to 2300 fps (i.e. .22, .22 mag., .30-30win., 35rem., 30 carbine, .45-70gov., etc.)

.223 is allowed as well but must be purchased at Targetmaster at the time you are coming in to shoot and is only sold in 20rd. box quantities.  You may not bring any outside .223 in to shoot even if it was purchased from Targetmaster at an earlier date.

Ammo Restricted

Any aluminum cased ammo

Fully exposed lead bullets except for .22lr or calibers that are not offered in a jacketed bullet (i.e. 45colt, 44 special, 38 s&w, etc.)

Steel cased or steel core ammo (i.e. Wolf, Silver Bear, etc.)