Membership & Non-Member Firearm Range Rates:

Targetmaster has a variety of memberships available and also offers non-member rates.  We welcome and encourage all beginners to advance level shooters.  Member or not, you can come in with nothing and we will have you shooting in no time.  We have an extensive rental gun program as well as the ammunition, targets, & protective gear to get you going.  While you do not have to be a member, membership does have its privileges.  Depending on the membership, you get FREE gun rentals, FREE or reduced fee guest, and Lounge access.  Also, the memberships are all a one time fee which means you do not pay any lane fee when you come to shoot.  The memberships really benefit the regular shooter.

Member's Lounge:



Platinum: Includes unlimited firearm range use, members lounge, reserved range time (reservations limited), free guest privileges and free gun rentals - Including Full Auto.

  • Full Year Membership   $300.00

Platinum H&W: Husband and Wife Platinum firearm membership.

  • Full Year Membership   $350.00

Gold: Includes unlimited firearm range use, members lounge and free gun rentals (excludes full auto).

  • Full Year Membership   $200.00

Gold H&W: Husband and Wife Gold firearm membership.

  • Full Year Membership   $250.00

Silver: Includes 10 sessions of firearm range use.

  • Associate Limited Membership     $100.00


Non-Member Firearm Range Rate Per Person:             Per visit*                          $20.00**    

*Guaranteed At Least One Hour. After the hour if we do not need the lane you
                                                                       can stay longer for no additional cost

**$5 INSTANT DISCOUNT ON RANGE FEE WHEN YOU PURCHASE                       $15.00
                                            AMMO AT THE TIME OF YOUR RANGE VISIT                                                              



Range Gun Rental Policy

To help ensure the safety of the staff and other patrons, the following policy is effective immediately:



  • If customer is in the possession of their own firearm that they will be shooting at the time of the rental

  • If customer is a member and it is not their first time on the range

GUNS: Over 100 handguns & long guns available for rent.        $10.00 each

Fully Automatic Machine Guns: Several to choose from.      $20.00 each

Machine Guns Available for Rental:
(all fire both semi-auto or full auto)

HK MP-5 9mm
HK UMP 9mm
HK UMP .40s&w
HK UMP .45acp
HK G36 .223
Colt SMG 9mm
Colt M-16 .223
Smith & Wesson MP-15, .223