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Foxpro Truck Pro

Product Code : 831621004661

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Mfg Item #: TP1LG

The Truck Pro digital game call is the ideal choice for those that hunt out of the back of a truck and also for those that locate animals from a vehicle. Whether you're locating coyotes, elk, turkey, or any other animal from your vehicle, the Truck Pro makes it easier than ever. Included are two speakers for the Truck Pro that attach anywhere on the outside of your vehicle. The speakers have a mountable handle, and come with 25 feet of cable. Its main unit can be placed under your seat, and the power cord plugs into a 12-volt socket. It comes standard with 100 high quality Foxpro sounds and has the capacity for up to 1,000 in total. Additional features included a small dashboard remote that can be mounted virtually anywhere and provides you with quick access to 2 of your custom sound presets at any time. Its ull color graphic LCD remote control displays sound list or sound categories, a barometer, moon phase, temperature, battery level, timer or time clock, and Foxbang technology. FoxMotion allows you to fade the sound from the left speakers to the right speakers to help "sell" the reality of your call sounds. FoxFusion allows you to mix and match any two sounds at the same time during your calling sequence. FoxPitch allows you to manipulate the pitch of the sound in an effort to trigger a response. FoxData allows you to record real time information from each and every stand so you can access the data for future reference.

TypeElectronic Call
SpeciesMultiple Animal Sounds
Calls100 Preset
Compatible WithMP3/WAV/FXP
SoundsComes with 100, Stores 1000

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